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Breaking News Since The Last Update

Last updated on November 26, 2001
In order to make the cemetery wall even more durable and more resistant to the harsh winter conditions it was decided to reinforce the entire wall with the caps made out of concrete. This work will be completed within the next few days. In addition to the capping of the cemetery wall, a commemorative stone with the inscriptions in Polish and French has been ordered and will be placed shortly next to the existing monument with the Hebrew and English inscriptions. The future maintenance work on the cemetery will be performed by the same contractor who did such an outstanding job on the cemetery renovation project (Mr. Jan Wisowski from Ozarow).
This concludes Phase One of the OCRP activities in Ozarow. As you may already know the future plans include the conversion of the former synagogue, presently a plumbing store to something more apropriate, such as regional museum. The town of Ozarow which owns that building is very supportive in this respect. Additional funds will be needed in order to undertake this task.
Moishe Shafir One of the newly uncovered matzevots (courtesy of Mr. Zbigniew Dabrowski)

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